Slate Concrete / Stamped Concrete

RHA Concrete specialise in slate impression concrete applications.  Slate impression concrete gives a natural stone look and can also replicate the look of paving. There are a number of patterns that you can choose from – Speak to Luke today about your options!

There are a number of benefits when choosing slate impression concrete.

-Natural stone look without purchasing expensive slate and stone products.

-Variety of colours to compliment your home and surrounds

-Extremely durable and long lasting.

– Concrete won’t move like most pavers, no weeds growing in-between pavers so less maintenance.

– When concrete is sealed it stops dirt and contaminants from penetrating the surface. This will stop discolouration and fading and will also make it very easy to clean.

– Value for money. It’s low maintenance and lasts longer than other porous products like bricks, pavers and decks.


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Our Locally Sourced Aggregate From The Ballarat Area